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It's so quiet here now. What is David up to? How about Thereza?

The last update in the news section was in 2009!

Sad to see the site, and the duo themselves, pretty much forgotten.

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I know Sean,I agree.
Seems like they have been forgotten about.
I keep checking weekly but no new up-dates.
I was hopefull that "the Big Kiss" Thereza's album might have gained some movement into a Cd release,I have e-mailed Cherry Red records about it,as Thereza thought this would be the best way,but no news on that yet.
Surely as its 30yrs since its release it would be a good time to re-release it on CD now.

Don't know where Alan is,he usually has some up-dates for here .

Lets keep our fingers crossed for some news soon.
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