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Whats your biggest Dollar dissapointment?

Mine would have to be We Walked in love not charting.

I was 13 and used to listen anxiously to the Top 40 every week waiting to hear where it would 
enter the charts - only to find it wouldn't!

I had to wait until Monday after school to go to the record shop in town and look at the Top 75
chart that was on the back of the door to see where it had placed.

Very disappointing indeed to find it only peaked at number 62!

Videotheque - Dollars finest hour !!

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I agree,at the time it was one of Radio Luxemberg's "Power plays"!.

And it was listed as a "Reccord that will sell by the buckett load".......................,and it didn't.Like the follow up single,.Bad management and choices must have been the fault as they were very strong singles,great songs,I still play them now.

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